Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Slipknot=Stuffed Poodle

Those of you that follow Scott Smith's blog will remember a post about a CD swap he's involved with. Well, I am also a member of this swapping group and this week it was my turn. I really love making CD packaging, it's not often that bands think to do much with it. Compilations are different though, as most people I know do make the CD a nice thing to keep both for it's content and aesthetics. So here's what I did with mine.

I drew a moon on CD labels to put on the actual CD, and then some stars on the label borders so I could cut out stickers to put on the outside of the sleeve.

Then I just wrote out and drew the inlay and set the photocopier to negative. I stuck the circular sticker from the centre of the CD Labels to look like a sun, but to also fill in the hole in the CD 'moon'.

I've been using CD labels and sleeves to do this for years, I like three-dimensional album covers. Here's one for a Chimpo album I made in 2007.

Same system but the CD labels had pre cut rectangles so I got a bit lazy as it would have looked better if I cut around the album title logo thingy.

I wanted to do a comic strip on the CD so I figured a perpetual strip was the best thing to draw in a circle. This was before Cognitive Dissonance so I was trying out different ways of drawing myself at the time.

I'm working on stuff with Burn Paper Tigers for our album, I'll let you know any developments with the artwork on that as they happen.

Thanks for reading.

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