Sunday, 19 July 2009

13 Strips and a couple of excuses.

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This is my contribution to the '2009 Alternative Press Anthology', which was naturally rejected. At least that gives me something to post while 'Self Service' is still taking its time to come together. I tend to focus more on music in the summer which is my excuse for the lack of posts, though to be honest it always takes me months to get back in the swing of drawing after completing an issue of 'Cognitive Dissonance'.
The balance between music and drawing is a difficult one, so rather than make any attempt at creating such a balance, I just stop doing one for months while I concentrate on the other. Here I am playing guitar in Burn Paper Tigers, a band in which I also drum and play Ukulele. You can find our songs and details at

I also have a solo 'career' under the moniker Chimpo. Sort of different from Burn Paper Tigers, a bit heavier usually. This can be found at . This has nothing to do with comics, I just thought that I should be posting something up here and if you enjoy my comics then you may enjoy my music too.

Thanks for reading.

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